April 2019 - Motuihe Island Camp

Friday 4pm, All gear load and we ready to go.

By 5:30pm gear been lugged up the hill and we start getting tents up in failing light.

Lucky we had book so that we had place to use

Was not that bad that keys left in ignition of boat.

Would have had to be keen to steel it.

Plus it turned in to an activity of trying to re-float at next high tide.

We got the boat re-floated and put little further out for Saturday night this time.

Went along the shore line at low tide and looked at all the rock pools

Some, quick get this kid a new scout branded jumper

We did a beach clean up.

Was very good effort and large pile to bring back Auckland.

During the beach clean up was also a pray mantis that was saved and re-located from the rock that it was on with tide coming in.

Kids made their own Beef Snitchel.

We even had crumbed fish,

Lots of small one that had to go back but was the one just right to feed the whole troop

And this was their first fish they ever caught. So well done.

Was a lot of effort and running by Chris to get this photo.

Big thanks to Chris for helping with transport and letting all these unwashed kids back on his awesome boat.

Not sure why he put tape over his mouth but no one seem to want to take it off ;-)

All fast a sleep not a kids was creeping.

The magic kettle for the important coffee and tea

plus pot of milio ready for first to awake.

Kids went along the shore line again at low tide to study the sea life

Easy trip back, with some trying to sleep.

We gave Chris a head start, but some how first boat back way before him.

I think they where just watching movie and letting us win.