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Currently we do have a waiting list in most sections. We are restricted by how many volunteer leaders we have on the team. We are always looking for new leaders to join Orakei Sea Scouts.

Known generally as Orakei Sea Scouts, we offer a welcoming, inclusive and safe environment for young people from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds in the wider community. The children are given the opportunity to learn new skills, develop their leadership potential and feel a sense of commitment to, and belonging in, their community.

Contact Details


Group Leader - Tim Figgins


Chairman - Tim Figgins

Co -Chairman - Louise Schofield

Secretary - Louise Schofield

Committee Member - Melanie Metson

Treasurer - Dean McDougall

Membership - Jennifer Figgins

Uniforms - Pauline Constable

Physical Address: - “The Ship”, Orakei Basin, 265 Orakei Road, Orakei, Auckland 1050

Postal Address - Orakei Sea Scouts, PO Box 42 094, Orakei, Auckland 1745,


Group Leader

Tim Figgins

Scout Leader(s)

Gary Cowdrey (SL) , Chris Hunt

Cub Leader (s)


Callum Hay (SL), Chris South


Michelle West (SL), Jennifer Rowe, Richard Street, Anthony Wadge, Vivan Oskam, Anna Fisher

Kea Leader(s)

Matt Corcoran (SL), Stephen Robertson, Cathy MacDonald

Venture Leader(s)

James Hook (St Chads)

SL = Section Leader