About Us

Orakei Sea Scouts is based on the edge of the beautiful Orakei Basin and has been operating for nearly 75 years, teaching generations of boys and girls a love of the sea and sailing. We offer a welcoming, inclusive and safe environment for young people to learn new skills, introduce them to the great outdoors, develop their individual potential, and feel a sense of pride, confidence and belonging.

As well as our water-based activities which include sailing, rowing and kayaking we offer traditional land scouting activities such as hiking, camping, pioneering and Jamborees.

During the summer we attend regattas and pitch our tents for a weekend of fun on the water. Day regattas and inter-troop sailing days help sharpen our sailing skills in between times.

During the winter months we focus on skills, sailing tactics, bushcraft and crafts as well as off site adventures such as shooting, archery, go-karting and laser-strike. We also organise ski trips to Mt Ruapehu for all groups and their families.

Orakei Sea Scouts also participates in the Scouting New Zealand activities, including, national scout schools and, of course, the tri-annual National Jamboree. There is also a National Sea Scout Regatta, held the year after the Jamboree, which involves ten days of water activities.

Sea Scouts is based upon a rich tradition and is full of opportunities to learn valuable life skills, make life-long friendships and have fun.

Our groups meet during the school terms:

Winter (Terms 2 & 3)
– Keas (school years 1 to 3): Monday – 1700 to 1800hrs
– Cubs (school years 3 to 6): Tuesday – 1830 to 2000hrs
– Scouts (school years 6 to 11): Wednesday – 1800 to 2030hrs

Summer (Terms 1 & 4)
– Keas: Monday – 1700 to 1800hrs
– Cubs: Tuesday and Thursday – 1830 to 2000hrs
– Scouts: 1800 to 2030hrs