Kea Badges (Awards)

These are some of the personal badges that a Kea's can earn, and how they do it

Aviator Kea

    1. Find out about the flight of New Zealand’s native parrot the Kea, after which our section is named.
    2. Find out about New Zealand’s flightless birds.
    3. Make a paper dart and demonstrate to an adult how well it flies.
    4. Find out about a particular aeroplane and share what you have found with your Kea Club. Examples might be Concord, Airbus, Spitfire, Jumbo Jet, or Helicopter.
    5. Find out about some unusual ways of flying e.g. hot air balloon, micro light, glider, sand or wind surfing. Share this information with your Kea Club.
    6. If you have flown in an aeroplane, tell others in your Club about your flight. If you have not flown, tell others what aircraft you would like to fly in and why.

Caring Kea

  1. Learn how to care for an animal, fish, bird or insect
  2. Find out some information about your chosen animal
  3. Know the correct type of food to feed the animal, including type,
  4. variety & quantity
  5. Help take care of an animal, fish, bird or insect for one month
  6. Keep a record of feeding and what is done to care for the animal
  7. Tell others in the Kea Club about this animal

Caring Kea – Conservation

  1. Join the Kiwi Conservation Club (Forest and Bird) - (Optional) or find out about a New Zealand organisation involved with conservation.
  2. Find out about the New Zealand Kea Nestor Notabilis.
  3. Grow and care for a vegetable plant and eat the produce from it. Some examples could be a potato, sweet corn, tomato, lettuce, beans, or peas.
  4. Find out about an endangered animal in another country.
  5. Grow a plant from seeds saved from a flower or fruit or seedpod.
  6. Make a picture or a poster to show how you can care for our planet.

Healthy Kea

  1. Plan and help to cook a healthy meal at home.
  2. Make a poster of pictures of foods that are good for you.
  3. Show that you know about personal hygiene by showing how to care for your teeth, hair, skin, fingernails and feet.
  4. Describe when your hands should be washed, and show how to do this.
  5. Take part in a regular fitness activity. This could be at school.
  6. Tell others in your Kea Club about a sport or activity you take part in.

Helpful Kea

  1. Prepare vegetables for a family meal.
  2. Learn how to set the table for a family meal and demonstrate this to an adult.
  3. Make your own lunch for school or an outing.
  4. Make your bed and keep your room tidy for a week.
  5. Help fold the family washing and put your own clothes away.
  6. Help put out the rubbish for two weeks.

Keen Kea

  1. Write a prayer or reflection.
  2. Read or share the prayer at the opening or closing ceremony of your Club.
  3. Find and tell a story that relates to the Kea Scout Promise in an interesting way, for e.g. a simple drama, picture, cartoon or part of a game.
  4. Describe what you could do to make a new Kea joining your Club feel welcome.
  5. Visit a place of worship and show evidence of your visit with photographs, drawings, handouts, leaflets or information sheets.
  6. Share your favourite poem about nature.

Kea Road Safety Badge

  1. Take part in a Road Safety awareness lesson with the local Community Constable either at Keas or at School. If at school you will need to show your Leader evidence of this.
  2. Show the parts of a bike and what to do to ensure it is safe to ride
  3. Show the correct way to wear a helmet.
  4. Show you know how to look after either a bike, scooter, skateboard or other form of transport with wheels.
  5. Take part in a fun activity in your local park with your Kea Club that shows you know how to be safe on the road either using a bike, scooter,skateboard etc or by walking.
  6. Take part in either a Bikeathon, Biathlon, Triathlon or an activity on a Bikeway or walkway of at least one hour either with your Kea Club or with another Group. If with another Group you will need to show evidence of you taking part and make a presentation to your Leader and the rest of your Kea Club.

Kea Scientific Badge

Take part in 2 simple experiments with other Keas or at home and be able to explain what has

happened and how it happened. Show pictures and explanations if you did it at home.

Complete any three of the following:

  • Look at the clouds and be able to explain what the weather is going to be like for the day.
  • Explain a weather map in your local newspaper.
  • Explain how rain is made.
  • Make a simple paper plane, Parachute or Helicopter and get it to fly.
  • Take part in an activity that uses a form of energy. Explain what energy it used and show pictures to help your explanation.
  • Explain what the ‘milky way’ is and talk about 2 planets in it.
  • Grow a plant and track it’s growth over a 4-week period with a Diary and photos.
  • Make a simple telephone or some other form of Communication and explain how it
  • works

Techno Kea

  1. Investigate something of interest to find out how it works. E.g., show how a torch works from the bits that make it up. Demonstrate how magnets work.Other simple machines may be chosen according to the Kea’s interest.
  2. Make a poster showing different forms of technology.
  3. Find out how one of the following services is produced and how it gets to or from your home: electricity, water, sewage, rubbish disposal.
  4. Demonstrate how to use the phone, know your home phone number and describe how to call all emergency services.
  5. Write a letter or make a card using a computer , email it to someone living far away. If the Kea does not have access to a computer at home, the Leader will need to investigate with the Kea where this can be done. E.g. school, local library or internet café.
  6. Make a mobile, an origami shape, a model out of clay or plasticine, or a painting or drawing.

Kea Water Safety Badge

To achieve the Kea Water Safety Badge you must complete all of the following items either with

other Keas or in front of an Examiner appointed by your Kea Leader, or present a letter from

your Swim Coach saying you have completed these activities along with some photos to show

the other Keas in your Club.

  1. Blow bubbles in water for more than 10 seconds.
  2. Stay under the water for 5 seconds.
  3. Jump / Dive into the water and collect a floating pool toy.
  4. Floating and Kicking with a flutter board for 15 metres.
  5. Show they can float on their tummy for 10 seconds unaided.
  6. Show they can float on their back for 10 seconds unaided.
  7. Be able to tell the examiner what to look for to find a safe place to swim.
  8. Name 2 things you must do to keep yourself safe in the water.