Parents, you are an integral part of the Groups success!

We are 100% voluntary and self funding.

We are not a kid-sitting service

We are a community, that helps young people to learn positive skills and develop friendships for life.

Parents Charter

– encourage my child to be well behaved

– before they attend, ensure my child is registered on Clubhub and subs are paid (within 3 days)

– ensure all contact and health details on Clubhub are up to date

– ensure all costs are paid promptly – for camps and any other activities (within 3 days of booking on Clubhub)

– I will offer my time to the Group, or if I can not offer time make an appropriate donation.

Volunteer positions

Orakei Sea Scouts, like all scouting groups, is a volunteer and self funding based organisation. We encourage parents, grandparents and other family members to get involved with their children and assist where they can. Each troop is only as good as the people who step up to the challenge so choose a job you’d like to be involved in and come aboard!

The following are a list of volunteer roles needing your help:

– Group Activities – Regattas, Group Camps, Ski Trip

– Events co-ordinator

– Scout leaders

– Cub leaders

– Kea leaders

– Pro-bono lawyer for adhoc legal advice

If you are not able to help out with a specific role then please be aware that we depend upon participation from parents which may include helping with sessions, working bees, fundraising, rostered cleaning and group functions.

There are also weekend activities requiring parental assistance such as races, camps and tramps.

Further details of individual roles are available. Please contact the Committee Chairman Contact/Join