2019 Okahu Bay SCOUT Raft race (24th March)

The Scout Raft race is hosted by Orakei Sea Scouts this year

(Details below for contact info about event plans and rules)

Date: Sunday 24th March 2018

Location: Okahu Bay, Auckland

Start Building Raft: 10:30am, Racing about 12:00

Cost: About $10 per raft

Contact for entry or Info:

Darrell Sveistrup


021 377 880

Main event raft race and possible a leaders ventures raft race.


Akarana Zone Raft Race Challenge

All teams will start building their rafts from 10.30am

Scout Team's will have 1hr to build their Raft's, So must be ready by 11:30am

Cub Team's will have 1hr 15min to build their Raft's, So must be ready by 11:45am

Kea Team's will have 1hr 30min to build their Raft's, So must be ready by 12pm

Note: Kea's will be allow the help of one adult helper, but the Kea's must be doing the majority of the building work.

Rafts must be finished on time to allow time for scrutineering/judging by Safety Officers.

And race's will start at the following times

12:00 - Scout team's will start

12:15 - Cub team's will start

12:30 - Kea team's will start

Note: If we have small turn out of group teams we may start the race for all at same time.

Race will start with teams, on the beach with the raft at the waters edge,

They will race straight out from the beach around a bouy and then parallel to the beach to another bouy and back to the finish line between the first bouy and the start line. How the course is set up will depend on the weather and sea conditions.

It is popular so it may pay to get there early and get all your materials down on the beach

Suggest that you have all you gear and teams on beach ready to start at 10am (including have life jacket ready)

Raft must be built on site by the crew which will paddle it.

Exception is that paddles, which must be home made, may be constructed beforehand


Raft is by definition a flat structure with no bow or keel. Any craft that does not satisfy this definition may, at the discretion of the judge, be disqualified or require alteration.

Raft may not be assembled from existing boat or canoe hulls.

Raft must, in the opinion of the Safety Officer, contain sufficient flotation material before being allowed to race.

All materials used must float (to prevent bits falling off t the sea bed during the race!).

Crew: Minimum 4 maximum 6

Each crew member must wear a lifejacket of the correct size.

  • Neither we nor the organisers will allow anyone on the water who does not comply.
  • Troops who don't have access to lifejackets – ask us - and we will arrange something.

Rafts must have:

  • 3 metre tow line (Rope off front to help tow it if needed)
  • Bow of raft must be at least 1 m wide of materials, at water line. (e.g. 1 m wide bow or 2x 50-cm pontoons etc.) and 30 cm deep.
  • No rudders
  • Mast which must stay up for the duration of the race
  • Must fly a flag

Points will be awarded for:

  • Sturdiness of construction
  • Team work
  • Correctly tied lashings
  • Originality of flag
  • Flag staying up for the duration
  • Degree to which raft stays together for the race
  • Finish position

Bring your ammunition (must pass scruitineering).

Water guns ok (no water booms)

Materials that being thrown must not injure any one if thrown and must be biodegrade

Rotten tomatoes would be idea ammo


We will put on some sausages and bread after so that kids can have a bit to time to chat and mingle before packing up.

But get the kids to bring along a packed lunch and some few snacks if they will want any more.